“One of the nicest, most polite kids I’ve ever been around. A very solid human being. He was the best shooter I’ve ever seen in our program. He had the best technique, the best stroke, the best concentration, and he had those at an early stage. Guys acquire that as they get older, but at 19, Marlon was a shooter, and he’s still a shooter.”
-Dick Davey, Marlon’s Santa Clara University Coach, 1993-1997 and Former Stanford University Assistant

“When you talk about being a true professional at this profession, then you talk about Marlon Garnett. His outstanding family values, impeccable character, and unmatched work ethic are what every athlete should strive for.”
-Kevin Siroki, Marlon’s Belizian National Team Head Coach and Westminster College Head Coach

“Marlon is the easiest client to work with. He is very professional, but he understands and grasps the idea of the relationship between player, agent, and teams. His performance on the court has made my job less complicated and free of pressure.
-Andrew Vye, Marlon’s agent – ASM Sports

“Marlon Garnett exemplifies professionalism. With a strict commitment to his work ethic and constant refining of his game, he has always worked diligently on being one of the best pure shooters in the game; in addition to being a reliable defender, versatile guard, and all around leader on and off the court. Since college, Marlon has always spent numerous hours before and after practice working on his game, of which he carries over to the summer development of programs, constantly seeking out the best in competition and training rigorously to prepare both mentally and physically for every season. His consistency in work and wanting to be better is what separates him!”
-Lloyd Pierce, Marlon’s Ex-Teammate, Santa Clara University & Assistant Coach-Player Development for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies, and Philadelphia 76ers.

“We went out to look at Paul Pierce in the summertime, and I asked who that point guard was.  I watched him play, loved what I saw, and brought him in.  Marlon’s a great find for us because he shoots it so well…and he’s a tough, hard-nosed ball player.                          Rick Pitino, Maron’s Boston Celtics Head Coach (1998-1999) and current Louisville Head Coach.