There is no question that natural talent and born-in physical attributes, such as speed, strength, height, and dexterity, are all factors that contribute to creating a successful athlete.  What’s not so clear is how mental toughness, willingness to learn, and hard work separate those who are limited by their abilities and those who find a way to continually improve.

At TEAM GARNETT BASKETBALL ACADEMY we help players of all skill levels to accomplish more than they believe they are capable of.  I was lucky to have great coaches who taught me at a young age that there will always be someone out there who is taller, faster, bigger, stronger, flat out better, and may possibly be working harder than you.  You will never get to the “next level” by simply relying on given abilities.  At the “next level” everyone is just as gifted as you are, and more.

Simply put, player development is all about getting better one day at a time.  One week at a time.  With each dribble. Each correct shot.  Each sprint.  In my opinion, there is no exact science to development and improving, however, skills practice and physical training is important, but success hinges equally on a player’s ability to improve as a person.  Regardless of whether we are working on mental, physical, or skills based attributes, it is very important to stay focused on a “building block” system, wherein we lay another brick each day with the goal of one day completing a solid structure.

As a mentor, my objective is to work with each player to identify and improve upon specific skill sets that are functional and relatable, and that will translate to that players need for advancement; adopting a philosophy of polishing strengths and assets while imparting valuable tools that allows them to improve upon weaknesses.  Instead of seeing weaknesses as “flaws we can never perfect”, we must learn to see them as our greatest opportunity for improvement.  A player without a weakness will have no room to grow, hence, it is important to learn to gain motivation from weaknesses as opposed to allowing them to be an insurmountable obstacle.

My goal as the head of Team Garnett Basketball Academy is to be a trainer/teacher/ coach/ mentor, and more, so that the individual is developed as a whole person and not just a set of skills on the court.