Marlon has been helping me since the summer after my senior year of high school. I was not heavily recruited out of high school and did not have any scholarship offers, but he prepared me for the next level anyway. I went to a division 2 school as a walk-on and earned a scholarship after one semester. During my college career, I continued to work with Marlon in the offseason. After spending every summer under Marlon’s guidance, I was able to go into the next season with more confidence, new skills and consistency added to my game, and was always in great shape because of the workouts he put me through. Thanks to Marlon, I went from being un-recruited to ranking in the top 3 in Conference Carolinas in both 3 pointers made, and 3 point percentage during my senior season. The workouts he designs are always unique, challenging, and simulate game situations. I have been working with Marlon for five years, and he still manages to teach me something new at every workout.”     – Chris Sumski

Marlon Garnett is not just a teacher of the fundamentals of the game, he provides so much more to young kids desiring to be basketball players.  He builds up their confidence with positive learning by challenging the kids to bring out their best and overcoming their fears of failure.  Marlon teaches kids the things that others don’t.  He teaches them basketball IQ by learning how to recognize various defensive and offensive sets to become better overall basketball players regardless of their position.  Marlon teaches kids the value of hard work, competitiveness, and a winning attitude, while having fun with the game and learning from mistakes.  Marlon is a real teacher of “the game” as opposed to simply just improving individual skills.  Anyone that trains with Marlon will become a better person, teammate to others, and excel in the areas that help them excel in life within basketball and in life as they move forward and develop.   – Jeff Aschenbrenner

Marlon is a class act both on and off the basketball court. He quickly builds long lasting relationships with his clients because he is an excellent teacher.  He is able to quickly evaluate a player and determine his or her strengths and weakness. Marlon is actively engaged with players during training he will actually stop my son in the middle of a drill and correct him. Marlon explains to players the WHY.  He is an expert at changing player’s bad habits into a consistent good habit.  My son Ben has a beautiful jump shot now and has become a great defensive player. Marlon is honest and reliable. His knowledge of the game is current because he is still playing himself. Marlon’s sessions are intense but tailored for each client. His training session is unique. We have known Marlon for 3 years. Each year Ben was able to be a member of his school basketball team. We have used other trainers and no one even comes close. – Julie Stein

I contacted Marlon to train my 14 year old twin daughters after being referred to him by a friend. They had worked with several trainers in the past, but achieved the best results from Marlon. His training style was intense and focused, but playful and friendly enough to keep the girls interested. Their AAU coach was impressed and noticed a huge difference in their ball handling and confidence on the court. Marlon will most definitely remain their trainer throughout their high school career. – Richard Brown

Marlon Garnett trains me for basketball and for the 3 years we have been working together I have enjoyed every one of the practices he has put me through.  No matter how tired I was he told me to keep pushing and that’s what I am still doing.  Marlon tells me to stay loyal and humble and hungry and that’s how I am going to remain until I reach my goal which is to play in the NBA or play EURO basketball like Marlon did.  Even though Marlon is my trainer he is someone I look up to as a role model and his story inspires me and what he has accomplished in life also inspires me.  He is always looking out for me and I appreciate it whenever I need something or if I don’t get a new move he doesn’t get mad at me for not understanding something and that’s why I appreciate Marlon and everything he has done.  So if you ever have a chance to train with Marlon I promise you would have fun and at the same time you would have a good sweat in and you would have learned a couple things like how to break a defense down and plenty of other things.  That’s why I like training with Marlon so much.  I am grateful to have met Marlon and to have been able to train with him because not many people get to train with a player that has played in the NBA but I have never heard him brag about playing in the NBA.  That’s why I really respect and look up to him because he is so humble, loyal and hungry just how he has told me over and over again to be. – Shawn Morrison Jr.